How long does a MyJagua tattoo last?
It depends on certain factors. Usually a MyJagua tattoo lasts 1-2 weeks. It depends on the skin area, the condition of the skin and the care of the tattooed skin area. With the temporary tattoo, the uppermost part of the skin (epidermis) is inked, i.e. the tattoo only loses its colour due to flaking of the epidermis. On the fingers and hands, where there is a lot of friction from everyday situations, the tattoos last about 4-6 days. On the forearms, upper arm and upper body approx. 10 – 14 days. We recommend a thorough peeling before applying the MyJagua tattoo to ensure that the tattoo is applied to a fresh skin area.
Is the MyJagua tattoo natural?
We attach great importance to the skin compatibility of our products. That’s why we only use 100% natural colour and care products. The blue-black colour that appears on your skin is vegetable-based and 100% natural.
What ingredients does the MyJagua tattoo contain?
The MyJagua ink is based on a fruit. Here you can find the exact ingredients: Xanthan Gum, Genipa Americana Fruit Extract, Water
Can I take a shower after the tattoo has been applied?
Please note: Avoid any contact with water for the first 8 hours after you have applied the booster. Water is generally not a problem after development. Just be careful not to bathe for too long, as this can dry out the skin. It is best to oil your skin before and after any contact with water. This will keep your skin fresh longer and prevent premature flaking of the top layer of skin. Chlorine and salt water are best avoided.
Is it safe?
The dye is derived from a plant and is 100% natural. We do not use any chemical ingredients such as PPD or other aggressive chemical agents. The patch is made of paper and is therefore absolutely skin-friendly.
Can I go swimming and bathing with the tattoo?
Of course. The skin is coloured and pure water is no problem. Be careful not to bathe for too long, as water can dry out the skin. It is best to let the tattooed area air dry-
Especially salt water and chlorine can cause your tattoo to fade faster.
Certain areas of the skin are not coloured, what is the reason?
This can happen if the MyJagua tattoo is not fully applied to the skin. Make sure to wet the tattoo completely with the sponge provided. Dip the supplied sponge completely in water and wring it out gently. Gently dab the sponge onto the MyJagua tattoo until it is completely wet. Then press down and hold still.
My tattoo is smudged, what have I done wrong?
You may have used too much water during application or you may have moved the tattoo during application. We recommend sitting still during application. Another reason could be that your tattoo has been in contact with water in the first 8 hours. Friction could also be a reason. We therefore recommend applying the booster overnight.
Can I get a custom tattoo?
Yes, you can use our 100% natural MyJagua gel to customise your MyJagua tattoo. You can find inspiration for your individual MyJagua tattoo on our YouTube channel.
Can I reuse the MyJagua Tattoo?
No, that is not possible. MyJagua tattoos can only be applied once.
Does it hurt?
Not at all 😉
After removing the MyJagua tattoo, my skin is red. Should I be worried?
We only use 100% natural and skin-friendly ingredients. However, everyone reacts differently to products that come into contact with the skin. If redness does occur, it usually disappears within a few hours. Avoid scratching irritated skin. If an allergic reaction does occur, please consult a doctor immediately and inform us about it at info@myhenna.de.
Can any age group apply a MyJagua tattoo?
We recommend an age of 18+.
Should I shave my skin before use?
If you have thick hair, we recommend shaving the skin 24 hours before painting so that your tattoo can be applied properly.
What can I do to make my tattoo last longer?
We recommend a thorough skin peeling 24 hours before applying the MyJagua tattoo to achieve a long-lasting and beautiful colour result. You can find more care tips under the following link: Care tips
Can I apply the tattoo to my face?
We do not recommend this. Avoid applying your tattoo near mucous membranes and in the genital area.
I am pregnant, can I use the MyJagua tattoo?
First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy 🤗 We generally advise against temporary tattoos in pregnancies, as we do not have any long-term studies on this and do not want to expose your unborn child to any risk.
Is that henna?
No, this is not henna.
I have adhesive residue on my skin. How can I remove it?
When applying the MyJagua tattoo, a protective layer is applied at the same time to protect your tattoo, to ensure good transfer and good colour development. The layer dissolves after removing the booster after 8 hours.
Is the MyJagua Tattoo Halal?
Important: Of course, everyone should decide for themselves whether our products are considered halal or consult an appropriate authority. MyJagua Tattoo, MyJagua Gel and Henna colour the top layer of the skin, allowing water to reach the skin unhindered. With the MyJagua tattoos, the top layer of skin is also coloured according to the same principle as henna and Jagua gel. However, a natural protective layer is transferred to the skin at the same time, which is water-repellent. Don’t worry: In the last step, you apply the MyJagua Booster to your tattoo, which has to work for 8 hours to dissolve the protective layer. For the best colour result, leave the booster on overnight.
How does the MyJagua Tattoo stains my skin?
Genipin turns blue-black within 48 hours due to the effect of oxygen in the uppermost skin layer. Only through reaction with ingredients present in the skin, such as proteins and amino acids, do oxidation processes with oxygen produce coloured structures that only fade again with the natural desquamation of the upper skin layers. Therefore, this type of tattoo lasts longer than ordinary adhesive tattoos and feels and looks like a permanent tattoo ☺️
Is Jagua an all-natural product?
We attach great importance to the skin compatibility of our products. That is why we only use natural colour and care products. The black colour we use is Jagua Gel. The gel is made from an extract of the South American Jenipapo fruit.
How long does a Jagua tattoo last?
Jagua tattoos usually last one week. With good care, they can last up to two weeks. You can find the appropriate care instructions on website.
MyHenna MyHenna
How long can I store MyJagua Gel?
Jagua Gel is a natural product and will lose its colour over time. Store Jagua Gel in the freezer to ensure maximum shelf life! At -18°C the gel has a shelf life of four months.
What are the differences between Henna and MyJagua Gel?
The main difference is the colour. Henna is obtained from crushed leaves as well as stems of the henna bush and is used to colour skin and hair. Henna has a dark brown-reddish colour. Jagua gel, which is made from the juice of the South American jenipapo fruit, has a dark blue to black colour.
Is MyJagua Gel safe to use?
All our products are purely natural and free from any chemical additives. This makes them safe for your skin. Nevertheless, in individual cases a possible contact allergy may occur. To test this, it is best to apply a small amount of the product to the crook of your arm and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. If there is no reaction within the first 48 hours, you can use the product without hesitation.
Can an allergic reaction occur during application?
We only use natural products and do not use any chemical additives to protect the skin and hair. Even with natural products, allergic reactions can occur in a few cases. To rule out such a case, carry out a skin test.
Why doesn't MyHenna sell black henna?
Black henna contains the controversial para-phenylenediamine (PPD). The substance PPD is often used in black hair dyes and is very damaging to the skin. It can cause scarring and burning of the skin. Therefore, we do not stock black henna paste and only use purely natural products. Our alternative: Jagua Gel. It also has a dark blue to black colour and is extracted from the juice of the Jenipapo fruit.
How do I care for a Jagua Tattoo?
You can prolong the life of your tattoo by taking good care of it. To do this, regularly oil the tattoo with organic argan oil. Please make sure that you do not bring the tattoo into contact with care products that contain alcohol or other chemical additives.
Does MyJagua Gel disappear from the skin surface without leaving any residue?
Yes, Jagua leaves no traces on the skin and disappears completely over time.
How long is the drying time for MyJagua Gel and what do I have to consider?
After the Jagua tattoo has been applied, it must first dry for 15-30 minutes. Please note: Jagua absorbs very quickly. Make sure that the Jagua does not smudge or touch your clothes. The gel should be left on for a maximum of 3 hours. Wash it off thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove the gel until the pattern is barely visible. Initially, the colour will be light grey and will develop into a dark. blue-black tattoo over the next 24 hours. During this phase it is very important to keep the tattoo warm. This is because the colour develops through warmth. You can use a hot water bottle, grain pillow, etc. for this purpose.
Does MyHenna also offer white henna?
We do not offer the white paint. These are body painting or acrylic paints. The colours are highly water soluble and therefore only last one day or until they are washed off. Furthermore, these colours are not natural and do not correspond to our philosophy of offering only natural colours.
The colour has not developed well and looks rather pale, what can I do?
Note that the colour needs about 48 hours to fully develop.
Why did my Jagua tattoo disappear after I washed it off?
This is part of the process and is correct. The development of the colour of the Jagua gel takes between 12-24 hours, in some cases up to 48 hours. The intensity of the colour develops gradually. It needs warmth and time. Note that the Jagua Gel will rub off in the first 24 hours. We recommend protecting the tattoo with a light bandage or light clothing and not sleeping on it.
How do I remove MyJagua Gel prematurely or if I smear it, for example?
Premature removal of a MyJagua Gel Tattoo requires a lot of patience. Exfoliation and cotton pads soaked in alcohol are good ways to make your tattoo fade faster.
Why is my tattoo on my fingers darker than on other parts of my body?
This effect is significantly influenced by the protein keratin. It occurs more frequently in the fingers. It absorbs the colour more intensively in the outer skin layer and thus ensures a stronger colour development.
Why is my tattoo very light even after sufficient exposure time?
Basically, every skin is different and thus colour results can turn out differently. For example, the skin is too dry or too oily. For example, the skin pores cannot absorb the colour properly. In order to achieve the best possible colour result, we recommend a thorough exfoliation 24 hours before painting, cleaning the skin with alcohol before painting.
What are the ingredients of MyJagua Gel?
Jenipapo Fruit Extract, Alcohol Denat , Xanthan Gum , Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbet, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Limonene, Linalool
Is it possible to mix only part of the henna powder and store the rest?
Yes, this is easily possible as long as henna is stored in a cool and dry place.
What is the shelf life of henna powder?
The henna powder has a shelf life of three years if stored correctly (or see best before date).
What is the drying time for henna and what should be considered?
After the tattoo has been applied, make sure that the paste does not smudge and that the henna is allowed to dry for the first 10 minutes. Depending on the room and body temperature, the henna paste will be dry after about 15-30 minutes and will start to crumble off the skin. To prevent the paste from crumbling off, cover it with our covering fleece. This keeps the paste on the skin longer and guarantees a more intense colour. We recommend leaving the henna paste on for at least five hours. Basically, the longer the better. An exposure time of 12 hours is ideal. For example, simply leave it to work overnight. To protect the painting, place kitchen paper or a piece of cloth on the dry tattoo and fix it with an elastic bandage. After the reaction time, remove the paste with argan oil. Avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours. The longer the tattoo is protected from water, the more intense the colour will remain. The colour changes from orange to brown within the next 48 hours.
What are the ingredients of henna?
The henna we sell is the pure henna powder. The henna consists of the dried leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis).
How long does the shipping take?
Within Germany, shipping usually takes 1-2 working days.
When will my parcel be sent?
If we receive your order in full by 2pm on a weekday, it will usually be dispatched on the same day. Otherwise, your order will be shipped the next working day. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a tracking number so you can check the status of your shipment. Note: Certain product categories cannot be tracked due to the shipping method.
Which shipping company does MyHenna use?
We ship via DHL and Deutsche Post. 📦
Does MyHenna also deliver abroad?
Yes, we also deliver abroad. We ship our goods all over Europe (e.g. Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Denmark, etc.). The costs for insured shipping depend on the destination country. You can find more information here: Click here
My name or address has changed - What do I have to do?
After you have registered in the MyHenna online shop, you can easily change your name and address by clicking on “My account” in the top right-hand corner.
What payment options do I have in the online shop?
Prepayment: We reserve your desired items for up to seven days from the time of order. This allows you to conveniently transfer or pay the invoice amount due. You will find the account details in our order confirmation, which we will send you by e-mail directly after your order. Please make sure that the transfer is complete and correct so that we can allocate the transfer safely and the order reaches you quickly. As soon as the invoice amount has been credited in full to our account, we can process the order and ship the goods. You will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail. Your shipment will then usually reach you within the specified time. PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can also pay via PayPal. Or you can open an account during the order process at www.paypal.de. This gives you the opportunity to shop quickly and securely in many online shops, including international ones. You can find more information under the following link: PayPal – Help and Contact Klarna In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer the following payment options. Payment is made to Klarna in each case: Invoice: The payment period is 14 days from the date of dispatch of the goods. You can find the invoice conditions here Instant bank transfer: Your account will be debited immediately after placing the order. Direct debit: The amount will be debited after the goods have been dispatched. You will be informed of the date by e-mail. Further information can be found here Credit card (Visa/Mastercard): Available in Germany. The debit will be made after the goods have been shipped according to the communicated times. The use of the payment methods invoice and direct debit requires a positive credit check. Further information and Klarna’s terms of use can be found here. General information about Klarna can be found here. Your personal data will be handled by Klarna in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations and as stated in Klarna’s privacy policy.  
Is there a minimum amount for my order?
We do not have a minimum order value.
How can I contact Myhenna with questions about my online purchase?
Simply use our convenient contact form to send us a message. We will answer your request as soon as possible: Contact. Our service team will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible. Our email address is: info[at]myhenna.de
What are the advantages of registering or opening a customer account?
As a registered customer you can shop even easier and faster in the MyHenna online shop. Your address details are already entered on the order page. You can also enter additional delivery addresses. The customer account gives you an overview of your orders and you can change your personal data at any time. If you have registered for our newsletter, you will receive selected special offers by e-mail and you will always be up to date.
My login to the MyHenna online shop is not working, what can I do?
Have you entered the correct email address and password? If you have forgotten your password, simply request a new one. You can request a new password under the following link::Click here
How secure is my data?
Your trust is infinitely important to us. Your personal details are always transmitted to us encrypted by digital security systems. Our websites are protected by technical measures against damage, destruction or unauthorised access. All employees who may come into contact with your data have signed a strict data protection declaration. In addition, we comply with the strict provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and other data protection regulations. You can find out more in our privacy policy.
How can I contact MyHenna about other issues?
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