Jagua Tattoo

Care instruction

First, wash your hands with lukewarm water (this opens the pores) and clean the portion of skin to be painted with alcohol to remove any dirt, cream residue and dander.

Care: After the Jagua tattoo has been applied, it must first dry 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Make sure that the Jagua gel doesn´t smear or your touches clothes because it sets very quickly. Leave the gel to take effect for 2 hours. After 2 hours, the gel starts to peel from the skin. Gently peel off the layer and wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove gel residues until the tattoo is barely visible. Caution: Jagua sets very quickly and can smear. First, the color will be light gray. Then, it will develop into a dark tattoo blue over the next 48 hours.

For the aftercare of your motives, we recommend a regular massage with argan- or coconut oil . It nourishes the skin and keeps the tattoo fresh.


Henna Tattoo

Care instruction

Preparation: In order to prolong the durability of your henna tattoo, we recommend that you wash the respective skin area with warm water and soap. This removes dirt and cream residues.
 We also recommend to make a skin peeling.

Care: After you have applied the tattoo, please make sure that the paste does not smudge and that it can dry for 10 minutes. Depending on the room and body temperature, the henna paste has dried after 15 minutes to 30 minutes and then begins to crumble from the skin. In order to keep the paste from crumbling, sprinkle the motive with a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and olive oil every 30 minutes. Thus, the paste will remain longer on the skin and your henna tattoos will have a more intense color. The longer the process, the darker the color (minimum 5h)

We recommend that you leave the paste to take effect overnight. To do this, wrap the dry tattoo with paper towel and fix it with an elastic bandage. The next morning, you can remove the paste with argan oil (not water). Within the next 48 hours, the color will develop from orange to brown.

Care of the henna tattoo:
With the right care, you can double or even triple the durability of your henna tattoo. To do this, regularly apply argen oil or other rich oils to the tattoo. Please take care not to bring the tattoo into contact with care products which contain alcohol or other chemical additives.
Please avoid contact with salt water and detergent. After contact with water, we recommend to let the henna tattoo dry in the air or to gently dab it off with a towel.