MyHenna – Two-week tattoos on your skin

Whether art lovers, styling enthusiasts or those who like to experiment – natural henna tattoos adorn body parts of more and more people all over the world. The advantages are obvious: painting the skin with henna is painless and can be renewed again and again. Once a decision has been made for a motif, it does not have to last a lifetime, but can be artfully adapted to the occasion, taste or mood. A henna or jagua tattoo is perfect for any occasion.

With its unique concept, MyHenna makes sure that this natural and healthy tattoo alternative also inspires people in this country: In addition to an individual, intensive consultation, we only sell natural premium products in our MyHenna online shop and mix them fresh. This way, every customer can be sure that only skin-friendly colours that meet the highest European standards get onto their skin, such as the particularly high-quality, finely ground Jamila Henna from Pakistan, which colours skin and hair into an intense brown.

MyHenna – Körperbemalung mit Jagua Gel für natürliche Kunstwerke in blauschwarz

In addition to the natural Jamila Henna Powder, which decorates arms and legs with a brown work of art, we at MyHenna sell natural, high-quality Jagua Gel. This can be used to draw deceptively real tattoo motifs in dark blue to black.

MyHenna MyHenna

Jagua Gel is made from the fruit juice of the South American Jenipapo fruit and colours the skin blue-black. That is why it is absolutely skin-friendly and harmless to health. The colours are also freshly mixed for this two-week art. As an official reseller of Jagua Gel in Germany, the MyHenna team does not use any harmful “black henna”, harkous or naksha.

All Henna and Jagua products can be purchased with the appropriate accessories in the MyHenna online shop.

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